headset wireless Pro-2020

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Live a modern and new experience to hear songs or you’re making all the calls and your hands are free and you’re sick, and you’re in the gym, with the new Samma of PRO-2020.
– The headset runs on the latest Bluetooth 5.0 version, which connects very quickly with all the phones, whether IOS or Android, and runs at a distance of 10 meters.
– Tiji speakers with high precision stereo technology, means they are completely separated and the songs are heard loud and clear.
– With a noise isolation feature to prevent any shower or shotgun in calls.
– Every headset has Mike’s HD HD HD HD HD HD HD HD HD HD HD HD HD HD HD HD HD HD HD speaks from any headset, no matter how weak your voice.
– The headset all touch means without any buttermilk,
With one touch, you’ll turn on and stop the songs, answer the calls, lock them down and lock down on who calls as a violin, and of course you turn on and off the videos from them.
– Supports Siri and Google services.
– Charge in an hour and work with you in hours and text continuously. However, the box is estimated to charge you 100% Tani within one hour and text for two hours.
– Very practical and lightly weighing means you can go down or work out in the gym and walk it any need. Each speaker is estimated to be used alone.
– The case consists of the speaker in its custom box with charger, cover silicone.
TWS PRO-2020 Headphones
Dimensions: 5cm Length * Width 3.5cm * Height approximately 2cm.
Color: Random
Weight: Approximately 6.8 grams

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