3D Video Display 6X

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5 in stock

The evening is no more than when you turn on the movie Ali Mobile and turn on the light and look in the mood, but with time the mobile screen tires your eyes in small nests, and the evening is a mood that does not wrench the eye of your cheese screen amplifier which bigger the picture 3 times more than the mobile and Mashh Hugha eye Features: HFR Mobile Screen and Keep You Safe So you can look at more movies, and a fiddle that you read, other than what you did. Image Hefer 3 Times More Than Mobile Foldable and appreciated taking it with you anywhere Suitable for any mobile type Description: 6X Mobile Screen Amplifier for Video Viewing Screen dimensions: 25.2 × 14.5cm Best Nest Distance Spectacular Meter For Meter And Text Screen Clarity In Stray Beacon Better

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